Maneki Neko


MANEKI is a new generation of cryptocurrency that provides strong incentives for long-term holders. Our think tank has identified the flaws of Bitcoin and Ethereum, designed MANEKI to avoid these pitfalls, and created an ecosystem of users who can benefit from the strength of the currency.
  • 888,888,888,888 Token Supply
  • 3% Reflection Rewards
  • 2% Automated Burn
  • 2% Marketing Fee
  • 3% Miner and Reward Fee
  • Tax-adjustable to benefit the project and to allow flexibility for CEX listings and future events.
  • Token will be used as the main currency for our metaverse
  • The developer holds 5% of the token initially, it will be used for reward, development, or adding new liquidity.
  • 95% of the token will be launched on dex.
Last modified 5mo ago